[IMPORTANT] Currency Change

Posted By: Mobius Team
Posted On: 2016-04-11 07:45 PM

Mobius Team, would like to announce as of recently decided that we are going through a full currency transition from OMC (which we’ve been using since the Grid opened it’s doors to the public nearlya year ago.) Since using OMC there has been another more stable and reliable currency by the name of Gloebits.

If you remember a small update back on the older site a few months back. We  were already talking about this new currency, but at the time it was better to stick with OMC. Though things have changed and Gloebits is ready for the Grid to transition to finally, and we are glad to be moving away from OMC, as of recently has been really causing a lot of problematic issues server-side.

“While we do love OMC, and we understand that Virwox is not the problem, but the university behind OMC makes the system extremely  unreliable.” something Serra Royale has brought up within our teams most recent meeting about Mobius’s current and future plans. In the end it’s just been too much of a hassle, and it’s better to have stability than instability… Especially if it’s a currency Mobius only uses within the marketplace currently in development for our users.

So  as of this post. Mobius will be transitioning over to the new Gloebits virtual currency, which will offer a more stable, and… Brighter future for Mobius as a whole. Due to how OMC works even after we drop support for OMC users are still able to withdraw there money to their bank or paypal accounts.

Thank you, -Mobius Team

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