Gloebit is live on Mobius

Posted By: Serra Royale
Posted On: 2016-06-18 10:41 PM

GloeBit is live on Mobius, so if you'd like to use Gloebit services. Please signup at to use the in world currency. For shop owners, there is an extra setup you will have to take after you sign up. Merchants will need to apply for there accounts to be upgraded to merchent accounts at To do cash withdraws once that system is fully enabled in the future. We recommend that all current and future merchant's proceed with an account upgrade, so to be completely ready for when the system is enabled for cashouts.

Be aware that Gloebit does do transaction fees. This means that any purchase will be deducted with a small fee that will go to Gloebit. An example of this would be common to a scenario such as-

“Selling a custom made avatar for 400 G. The merchant will receive their profit of 388 G  instantly after transaction fees.”

This is one of many examples that will be common with user to user within Mobius.

When you go to a new area that has Gloebit enabled. Whether it is within Mobius or another Gloebit enabled grid that may show up in the future. You will need to authorize those areas to allow Gloebit with those areas once per area.

For users who have “alts” Gloebit allows you to have multiple avatar accounts on one gloebit account sharing the currency balance. You’ll just need to authorize those other avatars in the same way you did with your first one, on your single Gloebit account.

Thank you, the team at Gloebit for creating this currency system for not only the metaverse, but the internet as a whole. Best of luck Gloebit.

-Your friends at Mobius Team

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