A Late Birthday Post For Mobius

Posted By: Mobius Team
Posted On: 2016-05-19 07:20 PM

While a little late for this post Mobius Grid has been online for 2 years as of May 18th and here is a few things from a few people about there time on Mobius.


"Just after Mobius Grid's 1st Birthday, Roy told me about the Mobius Grid. I knew Roy for over a year and came over to see what he made with others and I was surprised. I knew about Opensim for a while now but nothing caught my eye as his grid did. So many Opensim Grids simply make there grid and that's all. Hardly no updates happen in the other places other then the visitors there. I made Mobius Grid my new home from day one.
8 months ago, I became part of staff. I was hesitant to be one but I continued as one. With it, I learned to calm down a bit when dealing with others.
Around this time, I also learned how to use 3D modeling program Blender. I always wanted to learn how to use it but never got around to it. With the help of mostly staff and some guest, I started to use it more and more creating 2 avatars, Shard the Metal Sonic & Shortfuse the Cybernik. I also made mesh parts for Julie-Su which Lilly helped creating the rest of the avatar. With my mesh creations, I made furniture, a house, pixel art, photo frames and more. I even made the land build for Green Hill Zone to test out my skills in Blender and then a second build after that to fix up a couple of errors that I learned along the way.
The people who come to the grid make the grid special and why I stay. We are family and the ones who try to break it for there own pleasure make our bond better. People hate that we are happy here and made something great from scratch cause they couldn't do it and failed. I say its not failure that did that to them, its there lack of what makes a family great (Helping each other out, caring when someone is down, sharing a joke, give someone room when needed but still be there for them when there ready). The ones in for themselves just want to see families like this vanish so they can say there better when all it makes them is the low end of the fandom."
     -Rocks The_Squirrel, Mobius grid Moderator


"You know? I can't believe so much things had happened. I find it unbelievable at times.
Back then I was just a refugee of a community slowly dying out of people struggling for power. A designer out of place... finding a place to hang out without the drama of the old world I was in. We made a small community inside Metropolis, it was an open grid, and through that we saw a visitor named Serra Royale.
Royale told us of Mobius Grid, how he had plans to do the same as us with his friends. I asked if he could enable hypergridding and he said yes. Back then, I wasn't a resident of Mobius. I was only an alien, a visitor. When I first set foot in Mobius Grid, I was surprised and happy to see their progress.
You know? I thought I might've been the reason why hypergridding was there in the grid in the first place.
Anyways, as time went on... Sprocket and I were kind of struggling finding a place to stay, the place we were on proved to be very slow and the rest were also unstable. At first, we were thinking of having our own grid but instead, why not help Mobius and also have our community stay in there. That way, we would have double the resources and help.
And so we did. Now, me and Sprocket own Harmony Grid, a grid within Mobius Grid, a sub-grid in the making. Now proudly a resident of Mobius Grid. I am now one of their consultants, as well as a quality checker for those who want to have their work stand out from the rest. I serve as a guide for those who are old and new.
After we have set our foot in the grid, we made it our home and never regret that we did. It was a wonderful to stay and a wonderful society with it.
As time goes on, the grid grew larger and larger proving it could hold. It was exciting to see. I started teaching, and inspiring people on what they can do on the grid. Helping as well in the developments of the grid itself, as it keeps pushing it's innovations. It was it's own community, a peaceful one at that, one that everyone who are seeming to be lost was welcome.
I thank you Mobius Grid for inspiring me that there is a way to re-kindle the unity of many many things. Proven by it's wonderful staff, wonderful people, and wonderful community. More accepting and helping each other out. Mobius Grid could've not gotten where it would be right now.
I am happy to be a resident and a helper of Mobius Grid, truly a community worth staying, a family I could not simply leave. Not just for the fandoms, but also for the people within it that truly see the light."

   - Wish Dreamscape, owner of Harmony Grid, Mobius Grid Admin


"I never thought I'd see the day when what Mobius Grid does would be possible.
Let me elaborate.  I'm Drake Spyker.  I've been part of the drama simulation that is Second Life for over eight years now.   Seen a community rise and fall, and boy has that particular one done a lot of falling.  Seen what innovation a haphazard group of folks with a common goal are actually capable of, and all the fighting that comes with it being hapazard.
Through the last two years, however, I've also been a backgound administrator of Mobius Grid, helping direct it and discover what it's capable of (and pushing what it's capable of!) from the in-world side of things.
We originally started as a standalone running out of a basement, probably the way most grids get started.  I wouln't know for certain; before Mobius came along, my experience with Open Simulator had been limited to registering on OSGrid for a few days six years ago, and I was far from impressed with what I had seen.  However, I met Royale one day, can't remember how exactly, and the ball slowly started rolling to the point he invited me to come see what Mobius was becoming.
... As a standalone, Mobius was only doing marginally better than what I had seen, but it was still improvement, and that got my hopes up.  Was I wrong about OpenSim like so many other things I don't keep up with?
As it turns out, yes.  Since that point, Mobius slowly expanded;  eventually, I lost yet another place I called home on SL.  Royale had brought me intro Mobius' staff by this point, though I wasn't really sure what I was doing.  I'm still not, and that's part of the fun.  In either case, I began experimenting with what I could do on Mobius, and little by little started getting somewhere.  Things slowly built up, both for my own endeavors and the grid as a whole.
About half a year later I finally get the opportunity to really flex my creative muscle, in the form of a region the grid isn't using being assigned to me.  Royale knew what I was capable of from what I did on SL, and decided to let me try and replicate this on the Grid.  Things happened over in the other world that dominated my time and my Mobius endeavors sat dormant for the majority of a year while I dealt with this.
Now my region is attached to the side of our welcome region, merging together with it to finally begin forging something I never thought I would see: a continent.  A continent for gamers of all sorts, to peice together and form something amazing and ever-evolving, something that won't just sit in somebody's basement, neglected and forgotten.  We have more people logging in over the course of the day that actually sit and talk to one another than I'm used to seeing, and Hypergrid visitors popping in now and again at random to compliment matters.  While some things still remain less than stellar, OpenSim is already superior in many ways and lets me do things that will never be possible in SL, and I just know that Mobius is going to continue to evolve.  And through this evolution, we all become stronger."

  -Drake Spyker, Mobius Grid Admin



"I'm not real sure how to start this out, or completely explain how I feel. All I know is that this place, while buggy at times and still growing daily, is nothing short of amazing, and has become a second home to me outside of real life.
I've known about the metaverse for sometime, almost five years and have been an SL resident for 4 and a half years but my first encounter on Second Life was pretty horrible. Asked for help, and got told to "Go Away Noob" in some rather horrible termonoligy. After that, it was another two years before I showed any interest in the metaverse again. About a year after that, I happened apon a splash screen created by ProjectDarkFox over on, and my interest was peaked. I asked about it, and a user by the name of ninsego responded to me. At this point I had not known in any way that this user was, in fact, one of the co-owners of this grid till we started chatting via notes. I then signed up and he approved my account. At the time I felt so out of place because I didn't know anything about building or modding avatars to a degree that would make it look remotely awesome, but Royale sat down with me and explained some of the basics and even went out of his way and made me my very first mobian head on the grid. I for once, had found some people that were friendly, welcoming and at the same time, saw themselves as just users.
Now, for a time I had forgotten about Mobius Grid, and for almost three months hadn't logged in, but when I did, I was shocked to see that it had expanded even more. Had more base packs to work with, and even some new faces as well as meeting several of the artists that I had already been watching on various art sites and became friends with a few of them (they are some pretty awesome people too!). It was at that point I started messing around with these packs and learning the in world tools. I had also, without even knowing it, impressed Royale with how much I was trying to help the newer users with their avatars without even asking for anything or being asked by a higher up to help, that he approached me and asked me if I wanted to help out more with the grid and become a Grid Moderator. At the time I didn't think he was serious and chuckled about it, 'Would be awesome because I'd definitely would love to see this place grow!' I said, and the very next day whaddya know, I was promoted to being a moderator.
It's been nothing but wonders for me with Mobius Grid. I've been around for almost 14 months I think, maybe a little longer than that, and have had fun. I've learned in depth how to build and even how to make mesh and make rigged mesh as well, and even if I am on hiatus from being a moderator due to IRL things, I'm glad that I found out about the grid when I did. It's been an honor to have been part of this project as it grows, and can't wait to see what comes next."

  -Lilly Corthaine, Mobius Grid Moderator



"I'd have to say I have been a staff member of the mobius grid since it started and I have to say that it's been slow it is fun making the avatars and stuff. I feel like apart of something for once. I would also have to say that I have made and kept more friends on the Mobius then on second life. The downside is I have made a couple enemy's on second life joining the mobius grid, but I don't let that bother me. They can think what they want because I also believe that I have grown as a 3D artist because of the grid. So in conclusion the mobius grid has changed my life."

  -Cassie Moon, Mobius Grid Starter Avatar Designer

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