Mobius Team's New Year Bash

Posted By: Mobius Team
Posted On: 2016-12-29 05:50 PM

We will be kicking off the new year on our new event region Saturday Dec 31st @ 2pm Hypergrid time (PST/PDT). (URI:   hop:// )

We have 3 prizes for a few different events at the party. These prizes are as follows.

  1.  1,000₲ prize for 1st place winner of our new race track (go karts provided)
  2.  500₲ prize for 2nd place
  3.  500₲ for our "Best in 90s" appearal that will also be held during the event.

The DJ[s] that will be blasting the airways will be DJ ToastFox (2pm to 5pm) and DJ Rocks (DJ 5pm to 8pm) Along with our host Doseki. (DJ's are subject to change, depending on their schedule)
The "Best in 90s" contest is 3pm
The Kart Race is at 7pm grid time.

So if you feel the New Year needs a bit of "Mobius" touch. Then stop by 'Mobius' and hang out with the festivities, Such as...

  • Greedy Greedy Tables
  • DJ and dance floor jamming
  • Kart Racing
  • Slot Machines, and more.


   - Mobius Team

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