PHLOX Scripting Engine Porting to OpenSim

Posted By: Mobius Team
Posted On: 2016-04-23 05:21 PM

The goal of this fundraiser is for one critical effect. The porting of Phlox Scripting Engine for complete OpenSim compatibiliy. The task is not easy and it will definitely not come cheap. Therefore the project is open to anyone who would like to help fund this much needed and deserved scripting engine, for those many that are OpenSim users.

 There is no desire for profits in this fundraiser, merely the desire to bring a better quality into the worlds of OpenSim. Our hopes are that everyone will be able to use a higher quality software tool, with each content creation achieving a higher quality status at a much faster rate.  

PHLOX Scripting Engine? What’s that?
PHLOX is a Scripting Engine that interprets, compiles and executes algorythms written in LsL – Linden Scripting Language. Developed by InWorldzTM and released open-source in order to replace MONO as a faster and less laggy scripting option. LsL is used by the residents of Second Life and OpenSim, as it allows objects to control the behavior of in-world SL/OS objects.

What is the goal of this port?

The PHLOX Engine is currently only being used by InWorldz whereas most OpenSim grids are using the stock XEngine, which is weaker and much slower compared to PHLOX. That is why, by bringing PHLOX into the Hyper Grid, it will bring us closer to the quality existent in Second Life. This is our attempt to level the playing field, as everyone deserves to have the equal capabilities when creating in a virtual world.

PHLOX currently supports only LSL and IWSL. Another part of the goal is to add OSSL support.

Why should I help?

By contributing to this project, not only are you bringing a better experience to our grid known as Mobius Grid, but also you will be able to experience the same engine in your own sim/grids within the vast Hypergrid network.  With your contribution in funding this much needed goal. We are planning to release the build to all of the hypergrid that are interested in using PHLOX as well, without any additional costs.

To Sum it up…

-The goal of this project is to bring the joy of the PHLOX Scripting Engine into OpenSim in order to replace the current weaker Scripting Engine.
-We already have personnel ready to bring our project alive, however we are in need of funding for this project to truly begin.
-The necessary funding is exactly 2,000$ USD. No more and no less, and it will begin immediately after the target is reached.
-Bringing PHLOX into OpenSim will bring us closer to the same playing field as Second Life.
-Once the porting is done, all of OpenSim will be able to enjoy PHLOX as we are planning to release it to the public after the project is done.
-Open Source should give the complete ability of freedom. Freedom should come at no cost.
-OpenSim should not be a lesser of Second Life but a equal. Only a few key things give OpenSim users the reason to go Open Source.
-With your help. The wall’s between Second Life and OpenSim (content quality wise) can finally be much closer to no longer standing.


Donations go to our paypal at [email protected]

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