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Posted By: Serra Royale
Posted On: 2016-03-12 01:47 AM

We started the upgrade of to the system made and provided to us by Zetamex Network. While we won't be finished with customization of the system yet for a few days (such as theme and some remaining Zetamex tags), it is usable for the user as it is in the current state. The new site system includes a easier intergration for Mobius Account Managment for both Staff and users.
Avatar Dashboard Features:
⦁    While not new, Account Settings such as change email, password.
⦁    Edit your in world user profile from the website
A.    Partner Capabilities. you can now add or divorce a partner on the website without the need to file a ticket.
B.    add your webpage
C.    Your About Avatar section of the profile
D.    as well the real life second if you like to let others know who you are offline.
⦁    your friends list. See who is on or offline with out needing to log in world.
⦁    Offline Messages
⦁    Region Tools (not fully set up just yet)
⦁    Avatar Tools. Need to empty your avatar's trash? or purge the avatars appearence? not a problem

Remember it not fully set up just yet. So bare with us.
Thank you,
Mobius Team

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