[IMPORTANT] Staff name changes

Posted By: Mobius Team
Posted On: 2017-11-21 01:11 PM

Attention, citizens of Mobius,


We have recently decided to change a few things regarding the identities of our staff.

> In order to make it easier to identify a member of our staff, we have restricted the last name "Mobian" to our staff members.


Anyone outside the Mobius Team will not be able to use "Mobian" as a last name. This will help new (and old) users to easily identify a staff member in our community (as well as prevent any naughty user from impersonating a member of the team).

> Staff members also possess their personal accounts not tied to Mobius Team, therefore it should be noted that all reports of any kind should ONLY be sent to the official staff member names (the ones with "Mobian" as a last name).


We hope this will make things much easier without causing too much inconvenience.


Mobius Team.

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