Developer Credits

This Page Is To Thank Those Who Were Involved In Our Development In Some Shape Or Form, Past & Present.

The People On This Page Due To Privacy Reasons Are Listed In Their Mobius Account Names.

Present Staff

Cassie Moon [Mobius Grid admin & avatar base pack designer]

Crono Crystal [Server admin & scripter]

Dean Fauxly [Handles writing PR posts]

Drake Spyker [Mobius Grid admin, scripter, builder]

Fullmetalvash Church [Mobius Forum Admin, scripter, builder]

Magma Hunter [Mobius Grid Moderator, scripter, builder]

Raz [Mobius Grid admin, scripter, builder]

Serra Royale [Mobius Grid’s owner]

Skyfist [Web designs for various web based stuff]

Stolen Ruby [Mobius Grid Admin, Scripter, Viewer Developer]

Wish Dreamscape [Mobius Grid's owner, Scripter]



Inactive Staff At This Time

Bolt Echidehog [Mobius Grid admin]

RazorTim Core [Mobius Grid Admin, scripter, builder]

Skyro Oryks [Mobius Grid Admin, Scripter, builder]

Zenmir Fox [Mobius Grid Admin, builder]


Former Staff

Lilly Corthiane [Former moderator]

Kono Kalantu [Former admin & Builder]

Syn Fritz [Former admin & Builder]

1 1 [One of Mobius Grid’s Founder]



CP-Chan [made our login screen BGM]

JT Eyre [Owner of the shop Hylian Echidna, Made the Mobian Mesh Bodies we use for our starters. Thanks JT^^]

Saikou Rhiddel [Radical Gadget Radio Owner]

SpiritOfTheBlue (BlueBlurChrome) [Donated his sculpts for our original base packs & we still use some of them to this day thanks bro]

Rachel Gates [Also known as prdarkfox on various art sites, designer of our login page in the viewer. Lavender thoughts anyone?]

TheDark Fox [Monthly donator who helps us keep going thanks our British mobian brother]

Sonic Foxhound [Monthly donator who helps us keep going]

Grandpa Eddy [Grandfather of Serra Royale, inspiring them to stride forward and never to let others put them down. Rest in piece Eddy, Age 79 March 16th, 1937  to March 29th, 2016. We will never forget you]


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