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What is Mobius Grid?

Mobius is a hypergrid enabled OpenSim grid! In 2014 Mobius Grid started off as a sonic grid hosted by ZetaMex (crazy right?), and quickly changed into a gaming grid to serve a wider audience. Times have changed a lot since then! We’re now entirely self hosted and developing our own fork to get the best out of OpenSim.

Who runs Mobius Grid?


What’s special about your fork?

Besides it being open-source? Well! We have two primary goals for Mobius, one is to support as much of the viewer as possible, and the second is to add new features in the least invasive way possible. This means that the current OpenSim compatible viewers out there will naturally gain more features, and users won’t suffer for not having our custom features. Our most notable features we’ve added support for (some of which opensim core has also adopted!) are Display Names, Synchronised LSL Syntax XML, Abuse Reports, HTTP Viewer Assets, and most recently Web Profiles! You can find our fork and its change log over on our GitHub page!