About Us

“Ever wanted a place to create, talk with other like minded individuals, and ultimately build multiple world’s that span multiple game-verses? Where there’s a will to dream, and the tools to make it happen? Where endless possibilities are just a gamers click away?”

If you said yes, then you’re just the person that fits our teams goal and minds in what Mobius Grid hopes to achieve. We’re a group of people that see a potential place to envision up new ways to create our own world’s, our own beings, and with just a boost of our minds. We believe anything is possible. What will you bring?

The Mobius Grid is a videogame oriented fanmade virtual world. With the goal to provide a rich environment in which like said above. A place to socialize, collaborate, and build an immersive experience. While our primary focus is on the Sonic universe, we are open to all gaming universes, and we want to not just end there. What about a place to see your favorite comic book world be seen in a virtually new way, or a TV show you’d love to see come to life before your very own eyes. With Mobius Grid all of this could potentially happen, but it won’t get there without you.

Right now we’re small. But over time the registered users could be something to really show “that anything is possible, if you have a big enough community to make it so.” So far our diverse userbase includes people portraying themselves as humans, furries/anthros, robots, and other characters that are based from games and media, and things are just getting started.

The grid has been constantly evolving since opening our server to the public, and being community-centric. Our team continues to listen and change according to its userbase. The moderators and admins are here to help you feel comfortable, show you how to get started in making your character get off the ground, and just be there like any other registered member.

If any of this has captured your imagination. Then feel free to sign up, download our viewer so you can connect to the grid and login to our server. (using the first and last name used during the account creation process, and your unique password) You can even join our forum, introduce yourself, report any bugs or server problems you’re having, and like all our other wants for registered members. Socialize and build friendships.

Our team thanks all the current members and potential ones over the coming months and hopefully years there after. In being the glue that made this small community be a breeding ground for a family of builders, and dreamers. Thanks.

– Mobius Team