[Complete] Unscheduled downtime

Mobius is back online. We are finishing up a grid migration to fully self-hosted servers, for the time being registrations are disabled.  Users will have to reset their account password to use the new site, do so here. We are still tweaking things to be nice and neat for everyone, so be warned some things may act strangely. In addition, we moved to a new and improved profile system.*


  1. New Website
  2. New search system with web search
  3. Classifieds now supported on Mobius.
  4. Age verification now supported.
  5. Verified payment info now supported.
  6. New leftlet based world map.
  7. New Profile System.
  8. New login URI "main.mobiusgrid.us"
  9. Single sign-on for Mobius Grid main site, forum and wiki.


 *Users will have to refill their Profiles due to differences between the new profile system and the old.